Day 16:  Reverence for Christ

Today is day 16 of Jennifer Smith’s 30 day devotional, Wife After God.

It is my strongest desire to honour God through having a happy and healthy marriage with my husband.  And I think that is greatest way that a woman can honour the two most important beings in her life – God being the first, and her husband being the second.  But, man on man, can that be so hard to do.  Sometimes, I just don’t want to be reverend to either; I don’t want to submit to either – I want my way or I just want to stew in a foul mood the whole day.  Even when I know that both God and my husband know better.  God always – my husband most time.  And yet, I know that God loves me – even when I don’t feel it.

And yet, as Jennifer Smith puts it in today’s reading, submission to God through grace is what gets us our salvation.  We can’t fight God and expect to be saved.

I have to submit to His will and His offer of salvation – and that is where I find freedom.  And to honour God’s gift of salvation and in obedience to His word, I need to let go of myself and my pride and live out submission to my husband.  God did, after all, place my husband as the head of the home.  So, even when I am having a day like today where I just want to stew in negative feelings.  What I really want is for someone to let me know I am worth their while.

But, whatever I am feeling, for whatever reasons, God has commanded me to submit my will first to His, and second to my husband.  And I do that out of reverence for Christ.

“Submission in tender and beautiful.  May you be inspired to further explore this word and its significance to God.  As you act in obedience to God’s order of submission, may your heart be filled with His peace and may your relationships experience extraordinary.”  Reference here.

Dear Lord, I am not having a very good day today.  I am battling to see how anyone could be bothered with me – how I could be worth anyone’s time or effort.  Help me to know in my heart that you love me and you have graced me with a husband who loves me.  Help me to push aside negative feelings from situations that are beyond my control.  Help me find a true friend, one that can build me up, encourage me and one who believes in You and in marriage.  You know what I need Lord.  I pray for the grace and strength to submit myself to You and to my husband.  Thank you for giving him to me.  Thank you.  In Jesus name, Amen.




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