This year – 2016 – my word for the year, for this year, is Intimacy.  What I then decided to do was to investigate a new aspect to intimacy each week, which I have done.  To read the full series, see below:


Intimacy – Time

Intimacy – Climbing a Wall

Intimacy – that one move!

Intimacy – Talking

Intimacy – Saying Sorry!

Intimacy – that one word

Intimacy – touch

Intimacy – those awkward moments

Intimacy – a sacrament…

Intimacy – Resting

Intimacy – Seven Red Flags

Intimacy – being separate

Intimacy – Never Giving Up

Intimacy – Honour

Intimacy – God

Intimacy – A new day…

Intimacy – Being True

Intimacy – Changing You

Intimacy – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Intimacy – Letting go of Fear

Intimacy – Rest

Intimacy – Knowing

Intimacy – A Gift

Intimacy – healing

Intimacy – Cleaving

Intimacy – Love Casts out Fear

 Intimacy – Feelings

Intimacy – Attitude

Intimacy – Acceptance

Intimacy – Boxes

Intimacy – His Precious Marbles

Intimacy – Humility

Intimacy – Practice

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