Does God Make a Difference

In my last post, Crossing the Great Divide, I posted about how God led me to blogs about marriage, when I was looking for blogs on anxiety.  And in all of those blogs, I have realized it is how you think about something – or what you think about a thing that truly counts.  You may not… Continue reading Does God Make a Difference

Crossing the Great Divide

Yesterday, I read a blog post on Unveiled Wife that I could have written.  Although I would not have used the same title, those hard months after Baby Girl’s arrival were very hard on hubby and I.  I was so overwhelmed, and filled with such fear and anxiety, that I pushed hubby away. The more… Continue reading Crossing the Great Divide

The Prodigal Child

I receive a daily reading from Bible Gateway and this is today’s reading.  I thought I’d share because I know that this is a fear I have with Baby Girl’s feisty attitude and I am sure many parents share this same fear.  Sometimes, no matter what we do, we just can’t control how our kids… Continue reading The Prodigal Child

The Great Deceiver

A visit from my cousin – My cousin, who lives in Johannesburg and came down for a pastor’s conference to little old Port Elizabeth, popped in for a visit last night.  I have not seen my cousin in about seven years, and that was for a funeral – prior to that, I cannot remember ever… Continue reading The Great Deceiver