Sometimes choosing is hard.  Very hard.  Or should I say, sometimes choosing correctly is hard.  When your hubby has ignored you the whole day, and you have mounting financial debt and no idea on how you are going to recover, and you’re not feeling great, and you and hubby haven’t made love in while, and… Continue reading Commitment

My Prince Charming – or not…

Did you marry your one true love?  Is there even such a thing – a Prince Charming born and raised just with the sole purpose in life to marry you and make you happy? Yes, there is.  And no there isn’t.  It is – to me – one of the conundrums of life.  It’s not… Continue reading My Prince Charming – or not…

Thinking about marriage from God’s perspective

It amazes how many situations – whether dramatic or peaceful – starts with the mind.  I’ve been reading Joyce Meyer for a while now, the reasons for which you can read on my other blog,, but – and I really like what she says – it’s all about how you think about something.  Joyce… Continue reading Thinking about marriage from God’s perspective

The Importance of Love

Love is important! Why?  Because it is the glue that holds all together.  And in today’s crazy world, where successful marriages are rare, it seems we need to work more intensely on loving each other more completely.  Ever notice, how when a couple get divorced, and the one partner remarries?  Ever notice all that anger… Continue reading The Importance of Love