Loving you!

Wednesdays are Love Letters to my husband days…

To my darling husband,

I love you.

And loving you can be so easy…  you are so kind and so funny, and you work so hard, and there is so much to love about you.  

I love the way you look at me sometimes, when your eyes are especially blue.  

I love when I phone you and your voice conveys a pleasant surprise to hear me on the phone.  

I love when you put your mind to cooking a great dinner and it is just simply awesome. 

I love how you tease Baby Girl and love her.  

I love how being fit and looking good is important to you – you take pride in yourself and in who you are.  

I love how you love people – how you enjoy talking to people, getting to know them and making them feel welcome in our home.  

I love how you love the dogs.  Even though they drive my crazy, you really enjoy them and they respond so well to you.  

I love how you love me, how you want what is best for me, how you want me to fit and healthy, but more importantly how you want me to live my life beyond my past issues and to really excel in the life that I have.  I know that I resist, because often I just don’t know what or how to do all this, but I love that you want this for me.

I love that I can share aspects of my faith with you, and even though you don’t agree or understand all that I say, I can still talk to you about what is important to me.

I love that you are part of so many groups of friends – cycling, running, wine club, work…  Okay, all the WhatsApp messages drive me nuts, but I do love how you connect with people.

I love how you will just phone a friend to chat and catch up, to see how they are doing.  I don’t think I have ever done that as an adult – I always worry that they won’t know who they’re talking to, or won’t want to talk to me.  

I love how you don’t ever take anything personally – you see most interactions for what they are, and you don’t ever take things personally.

I love how you take care of your family – even after everything we have been through with your sister and your parents, you still love and care for them.  In fact, you display more Christian qualities to your family and to most people you meet than what I do…  Shameful for me to say!

You are so easy to love.  And I love you!

The Baby Mama

2 thoughts on “Loving you!

  1. The only constructive comment I will make is that perhaps the word “love” is being over used. The substance of the above post is good. The delivery might have benefitted from using a few synonyms for love here and there or using descriptive phrases in place of the word love.

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