The Start of New Things – and a 15 Year Wedding Anniversary

Fifteen years ago, hubby and I were engaged. We had just bought our first house, and we were to be married on the 29th January 2000. Hubby’s parents gave us money – to buy things we needed for the house, but mainly to buy a washing machine.
I loved that washing machine.

It was a top-loader LG Fuzzy Logic. In fact, I used to try lift the lid just high enough to watch the washing, without lifting it too high to stop the machine. I felt so grown up. A house, a husband and a washing machine.

The Relationship Advice That Wrecked My Marriage

I am currently reading The Surrendered Wife by Laura Doyle and although there are parts of this book that I find very hard to come to terms with, I am enjoying the read very much. It collaborates with my Christian views that God created marriage to operate at its optimum in a very special order – with the husband being head of the home, and the wife submitting to his authority. I do believe, however, that God takes into account our different personalities, and that this will work itself out in different ways in different marriages – but the baseline is always the same.

36 Things I Know After 36 Years of Marriage

Its been a long time since I have posted to this site – not for any other reason that I’ve enjoyed a break, some time with my family, and some time off work. In fact, my holiday was so good, I have battled to settle into the work space again – still blissfully wishing I was on holiday…