Pure Passion :: From Duty to Beauty {Sex in Marriage}

Isn’t it sad how sex can become a duty in our lives?  Perhaps for men too, but more for women.  I think this is another attack from Satan – destroy in women what men crave the most.  And what happens?  Marriages suffer. In today’s post, Abigail Alleman, found her beauty again. You see, the whole sex,… Continue reading Pure Passion :: From Duty to Beauty {Sex in Marriage}

Crossing the Great Divide

Yesterday, I read a blog post on Unveiled Wife that I could have written.  Although I would not have used the same title, those hard months after Baby Girl’s arrival were very hard on hubby and I.  I was so overwhelmed, and filled with such fear and anxiety, that I pushed hubby away. The more… Continue reading Crossing the Great Divide

My deepest desire…

What is your deepest desire? What is the one thing in your life that if that were taken from you, your life would never be the same again?  For each of us, its something different, something unique, because God has made all of us different and unique. My deepest desire is this, To have an… Continue reading My deepest desire…

Day 27: 5 Ways to Stay Connected With Your Spouse Even When You’re Apart

I have a friend whose husband works on the chokka boats.  They have a little boy – also a Singleton like our dear little Madam.  And they are also cash strapped, as we are.  However, I get to have my husband with me.  My friend, however, is playing single parent while her husband has to… Continue reading Day 27: 5 Ways to Stay Connected With Your Spouse Even When You’re Apart

Day 24: Lessons from Infidelity

I am pleased to be able to say that I have not been through this.  I think this is the worst betrayal for a spouse – that someone you love and trust can take what is yours and give it to someone else.  I have always, since before hubby and I even married, said that… Continue reading Day 24: Lessons from Infidelity

Day 22: Being Intentionally Intentional

It is so easy to get caught up in the stress of daily living that you forget that you are married, or that you have this wonderful gift from God that you can share your life with.  If you’re like me, you tend to zone out and just focus on those areas that need focusing… Continue reading Day 22: Being Intentionally Intentional

Day 18: Differences in Marriage are Always There

I recall reading in the early days of our marriage, that you are trying to combine your life with someone who was raised differently, thinks differently, eats, reacts, and lives differently to you (even if you’re the same culture and race).  And making that combination work can be hard.  The article then went further to… Continue reading Day 18: Differences in Marriage are Always There