The 52 Week Challenge –Week 3

There are days when I just don’t feel like it – the battling, the trying, the anxiousness, the fear…. Days when the staying in bed is easier than the getting up, when the staying at home is easier than the going to work, the giving up is easier than the carrying on. But, what God teaches us in the commitment, in the perseverance, in the “hanging in there” is that we trust Him no matter how we feel. On the day that I don’t feel like it, I can do it because God has called me to honour Him in all that I do. On the days when it is easier to stay in bed, I go to work because this is God’s plan for my life. On the days when I feel like quitting, I hang in there, because God has called me to finish this race.

Pure Passion :: From Hollow to Whole

Last night I lay in bed and I could not sleep.  I was warm and snug and felt safe, so I didn’t want to particularly get out of bed or anything, but as I lay there, I thought of Abigail’s post from yesterday. And I said, in response to her post, how I am so… Continue reading Pure Passion :: From Hollow to Whole

Pure Passion :: From Overrun to Overcome {Part 2}

Last week, I shared with you this most amazing blog I came across – Abigail Alleman and how Abigail was sharing about moving towards greater intimacy in her marriage.  And, as I suspect that this is an area where most marriages battle, I thought I would share some of Abigail’s down to earth wisdom.   And… Continue reading Pure Passion :: From Overrun to Overcome {Part 2}

A Peaceful Marriage

Have you ever had those days when you just feel like you do everything wrong?  And I mean everything.  There are times when I feel like I just can’t make my husband happy.  No matter what I do, or how I do it, it is wrong.  It hurts me – and what happens is that… Continue reading A Peaceful Marriage

Intimacy in Marriage – and how important it is!

I have felt a bit despondent and very frustrated lately.  And I know the reason – because, besides from being doggone tired, hubby seems to have lost all interest in our intimacy.  And I can only say I blame myself.  And I think that the most frustrating thing for him is that he knows that… Continue reading Intimacy in Marriage – and how important it is!

Crossing the Great Divide

Yesterday, I read a blog post on Unveiled Wife that I could have written.  Although I would not have used the same title, those hard months after Baby Girl’s arrival were very hard on hubby and I.  I was so overwhelmed, and filled with such fear and anxiety, that I pushed hubby away. The more… Continue reading Crossing the Great Divide

The Great Deceiver

A visit from my cousin – My cousin, who lives in Johannesburg and came down for a pastor’s conference to little old Port Elizabeth, popped in for a visit last night.  I have not seen my cousin in about seven years, and that was for a funeral – prior to that, I cannot remember ever… Continue reading The Great Deceiver