Intimacy – Saying Sorry!

I think that one of the hardest things to do in building true intimacy (and let’s face it, all of it can be pretty hard) is to say “I am sorry“. Today, in my gratitude journal, I actually stated that I am grateful for the gift of saying I am sorry.   I really don’t have an… Continue reading Intimacy – Saying Sorry!

Intimacy – Talking

We started off by discussing how intimacy equates to time.  You cannot hope to be truly intimate with your spouse if your not living life with that person.  If you keep living past one another, you’re missing an aspect of intimacy that will truly grow your marriage. Then we chatted about how sometimes you feel… Continue reading Intimacy – Talking

Intimacy – that one move!

About two weeks ago, we spoke about time and how important it is to spend time with your spouse.  But, let’s be honest – time is important, but it can be very hard to get to that point of spending time with your spouse when there is a wall between you.  But, if you want… Continue reading Intimacy – that one move!