Intimacy – Being True

This last week it has become apparent to me just how important truth is.  Not just in what we say to each other (we should always be speaking the truth), but in who we are.  God created us, each of us, with unique personalities, likes and dislikes, desires, thoughts and feelings and we cannot hide… Continue reading Intimacy – Being True

Intimacy – God

Over this series, and my growth this year, I have been focusing predominantly on intimacy with your husband (or wife).  But, how do you grow closer to the almighty God?  A God who we cannot physically see, touch, hear or converse with?  We all know what to do – pray more, read your bible more,… Continue reading Intimacy – God

Intimacy – Honour

If I had $1 for every time my mother said to me, “I know he’s your father but…” and then proceeded to share with me very intimate details of their lives and their marriage and of my father to me, I’d be a very, very wealthy woman today. I first asked her to stop when… Continue reading Intimacy – Honour

An Introvert’s Guide to Having Energy for Sex — Hot, Holy & Humorous

First off, let me clear up what introvert means. Introverts draw energy internally, while extroverts get charged up externally. This doesn’t mean that introverts don’t enjoy people or that they’re shy; rather, the experience of being with a lot of people or with people for long periods of time drains their energy. They need to go…… Continue reading An Introvert’s Guide to Having Energy for Sex — Hot, Holy & Humorous