A prayer for marriage

Generous and merciful God, give me a hunger and thirst for righteousness so that I can live satisfied by You. I don’t want to demand more from my husband than he is supposed to provide. Teach me to hear your voice so I can follow You all the days of my life and my marriage. Dear Lord, Wonderful Counselor, make me wise to the enemy’s divisive and destructive schemes. Fill me with Your wisdom so I can excel as the Baby Daddy’s wife. Guide me into being a wife that will honor you, glorify you and love and respect my husband as you have commanded.

FOR BETTER OR WORSE: A 25th Anniversary Love Letter to my Dead Husband – by Lisa Gastaldo

Originally posted on Kindness Blog :
I’ve begun this missive multiple times. Spurts of dialog verbalized in my dreams. Numerous scribbled passages were wadded up and subsequently rescued. I stared blankly at a flashing cursor for hours. How do I write a letter to you on the occasion of our 25th wedding anniversary when death did…