30-Day Prayer Challenge Day 30:

Lord, I have poured out my heart to You this month on behalf of my husband and it has been such a blessing.

30-Day Prayer Challenge Day 29:

“This is what the Lord said to me: ‘Go and buy a linen belt and put it around your waist, but do not let it touch water.’ So I bought a belt, as the Lord directed, and put it around my waist. Then the word of the Lord came to me a second time:

The 52 Week Challenge – Week 1

In my journey in walking away from being a gate-keeping wife, I have come across a 52 week course in renewing our minds on this very subject. I have come to realize that no matter what obstacles we face in life, we aren’t going to get anywhere unless we start to renew our minds. And it is only by God’s grace that true renewal can take place – deep down to a cellular level.