Our House!

To my darling,

For the first time, in the longest time – in fact, 17 years and two retrenchments and a family later – we are talking about and looking at updating our house and repairing and fixing areas that have needed some TLC for quite some time.

You have no idea just how much this excites me.  My biggest dream at the moment is to have a beautiful house; a house where we can be proud to have people over; where we can relax and just simply enjoy ourselves.  But, I am also looking forward to working on a project with you – something that you and I can do together.  When I think of how we built that cellphone from straws when we first met, I know that you and I may have differing opinions on some things, but for the most part we work well together.  We always have, and I pray that we always will…

We haven’t done anything yet, except to get some quotes to fix the areas that sorely need attention (the rest will have to wait until much later), but I am grateful that we do have this small window of opportunity to attend to those areas of our home that need TLC.  I am even grateful for the conversation this has triggered between us.  

I really do hope and pray that we can do something on our house – but more importantly that this will be an opportunity for us to draw even closer together.  Such exciting times ahead…

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