Ultimate Marriage Reading Challenge of 2015 – May

When I saw the book of the month for May was To Love, Honor and Vacuum, I honestly didn’t think it applied to me. I mean, I work outside the home and I have a husband who cooks and washes the dishes every night and always helps out when and where he can. Yes, I have been so blessed. But, I made a commitment this year to read at least one book a month that will benefit me and my marriage and so I took up the challenge to read the book.

And it is amazing.
Not only does it give insightful advice on how to manage your home – whether you’re a working mom and a stay-at-home mom, but it challenges you. I love the fact that Sheila never once made me feel guilty for working outside the home. And I think many (if not all) working moms feel guilty. Yesterday, Baby Girl had a fall at school and hubby had to rush to the school to fetch her and take her to the doctor. I felt sick to my stomach that I couldn’t be there for her, but I was very grateful that my hubby could be. But the guilt – oh, the guilt! She is fine and the doctor checked her over carefully to make sure there is no concussion or anything like that.

Morning Will Come

Originally posted on Reflections From the Heart:
Brokenhearted……. How can I bear the pain? So many plans…permanently interrupted. So many dreams….shattered. Hopes…….dashed All gone. Why? Why this? Why us? Why me? Helplessness…..hopelessness… Life will never be the same again. Is it even worth living? Where are you, God? I’m right here beside you, my child.…