Do what rich people do…


A long time ago, hubby and I watch a series of videos on You Tube. I can’t remember the speaker, or the bulk of what he said, but I do remember that he had some sound advice on finances, but the foundation of what he was saying is basically this: Rich people have a way of acting and being that is found amongst most rich people. For example, the majority of rich people do not buy lotto tickets, nor do they watch reality TV (in fact, I can remember this guy saying that rich people very seldom watch TV at all), and they don’t wait in line for cheap or discounted items, and the vast majority of rich people exercise daily, eat healthy and they work. They work for what they have and they are focused. Now, I’m not saying that by doing any of the above you will automatically become rich, but you sure as hell aren’t going to get rich by sitting staring at a TV screen all day either. Anyway, his message was this: Do What Rich People Do. Find rich people, see what it is that they do, and then do it – and you will stand a much great chance of getting rich yourself. At the very least, you will change how you view your own finances to start making wiser decisions about how you spend your money.

And I really liked that – although I have forgotten half of what the videos said – it was a really long time ago, the message of emulating what rich people do has stuck with me.

The 52 Week Challenge –Week 6

Last week, Pearl challenged us to start seeing ourselves as beautiful. Once again, this is not something that comes easily to me, especially when there is already nothing about myself that I like. However, what I decided to do, and what has worked for me in the past, is that I decided to believe what God says about me above what I feel about myself. God’s word is truth and his word says that I am fearfully and wonderfully made, that I am a temple of the Holy Spirit and that his word lives inside me. And guess what happened? I feel a shift – it’s a small shift, but it is there. Instead of focusing on all these negative messages I have received my whole life that has led me to believe I am ugly and unworthy, I am now believing God’s word that says I am beautiful and most definitely worthy. I think believing the God of Truth is far better than believing my negative past experiences.

The 52 Week Challenge – Week 2

Last week – we spoke about Key 1 and how important it is to think yourself sexy. I couldn’t imagine this. I must admit that I did fail. But, I thought about it the whole time. So, what I finally resorted to do was use what was discussed last week as a sort of mantra. So, even though I couldn’t actually visualise it in my head, I found myself saying, over and over again: