Intimacy – Healing

My mother competed with me on every level as I was growing up. When I expressed interest in a certain item of clothing (like boots when I was 13 – as an example), she would tell me that she didn’t have the money to buy the boots for me, but the next thing I knew,… Continue reading Intimacy – Healing

Intimacy – Knowing

I think I’m realizing that one of the most important aspects of intimacy is knowing…  that look your husband gives you after a long and gruelling day and you just know he needs some comfort, a glass of wine and just to put his feet up for five minutes. I remember after we had an… Continue reading Intimacy – Knowing

Intimacy – Letting go of Fear

You cannot love if you fear!  That’s my quote and I know it to be true. You cannot love if you fear! Cast away all fear so that you can love freely. @vw94 #lovefreely @BabyMamasTweet — The Baby Mama (@BabyMamasTweet) June 24, 2016 Fear causes you to run away, to want to protect yourself at… Continue reading Intimacy – Letting go of Fear

Intimacy – changing you

The one thing I think is the most frustrating about marriage, or any relationship – even the parent/child relationship – is that you can never change the other person.  You can see what is right for them, you can coach them and encourage them, but you can’t make them listen or change them.  Your spouse is… Continue reading Intimacy – changing you

Intimacy – Being True

This last week it has become apparent to me just how important truth is.  Not just in what we say to each other (we should always be speaking the truth), but in who we are.  God created us, each of us, with unique personalities, likes and dislikes, desires, thoughts and feelings and we cannot hide… Continue reading Intimacy – Being True