Wednesdays are Love Letters to my husband days…

To my darling,

I have mentioned before how in awe I am of your kindness, but I have seen a side of honour and kindness of you this past week that I think is simply amazing.  Just after I had my vision, we had news that you are able to sell your business putting us quite a bit less in debt and more even in our finances.  We’re not plush, but we have covered most of our day-to-day debt, and covered my credit card debit – which I am truly grateful to God for His amazing blessings.  But the honour I’ve seen in you is your desire to acknowledge those who have supported us during our tough time and supported your business.  We have had friends come to help us in many ways, and have acknowledged our struggle.  And I see in you the integrity to honour their support to us.  You leave no stone unturned in your desire to respect those who are in our lives, who love and support us, who have walked this long and hard path with us.

I love that about you.

Your Baby Mama


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