Faithful Fridays – Fearless

F  A  I  T  H  F  U  L


I honestly think that at this stage of my life I could write an entire encylopeadia set (remember those?) on fear.  Fear has plagued me my entire life, until the point after Baby Girl’s birth that I fell down a deep well full of fear, anxiety and intrusive and unwelcome thoughts.  I do believe that you get normal, every day nervousness, which is well within normal range, and then you get what I had.  I used to wake up at night, covered in a blanket of dread – I was too scared to move, to scared to breath, to scared to do anything.  And I would lie there just hoping for morning to come, with perspiration running down my back.  I have never experienced such intense fear in all my life.

But, even before that, hubby would suggest that we do something, or go someplace, or meet up with friends, and my first response?  Would always be no.  Always.  And while my experiences after Baby Girl’s birth required antidepressants, counselling, scouring of blogs to see what was happening to me, and so much more, that isn’t the kind of fear I want to talk about today.  Perhaps, next week.  No, the fearless I want to talk about today is that fearlessness of every day life.  What I should’ve been saying all those times hubby wanted to do something out of my comfort zone is “Yes”.  There is nothing worst than living a boring, routine life.  Now, I’m not saying that we should all go sky diving or mountain climbing tomorrow – unless that is what you want to do.  But, just get out there and live life.

  • Go on that bike ride your husband wants to take you on.
  • Go do a hike.
  • Go out and meet some new people.
  • Try a different restaurant.
  • Take a different route home from work.
  • Try camping…

There are so many small things we can do to live a fearless life – and you may just surprise yourself

Just recently hubby’s brother married a Swedish girl.  They just been married for a mere six months – still celebrating honeymoon.  But, he said something about her that really stood out to me when hubby was asking him about her and their nuptials.  He said that what he really loved about her was the fact that she was game for anything, a hike up Table Mountain, or a dinner out – she wanted to live life with him, no matter what, and he loved that.  And I think that most men do.

Yes, woman (generally) are more cautious than men.  And there are reasons for that – but that is the subject of another blog post for another time…  But, very often – and I know this is true for myself – I am too cautious.  Too reserved.  Too wanting to be in control.  Sometimes we need to approach life fearlessly and really enjoy the abundant life God has given us.


And we need to remember, as Christians, that there is a being that desperately wants us to fail at our marriages.  If we fail at our marriages, we fail at community and we become hurt people, living lives of hiding away…  But, what Satan doesn’t realise – or doesn’t want to realise – is that we have a redemptive God, a healing God, a God who is in control and who delights in us living fearless lives.  Because, He is with us, holding us up with His right hand, never leaving us nor forsaking us, guiding us, loving us and being with us.  And being fearless in your marriage and loving your spouse as God would love them, and allowing them to love you, is, I believe, very God honouring.





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