Wednesdays are Love Letters to my Husband days…

To my darling,

You had a bad day yesterday.  After not getting any sleep the night before, our new little puppy chewed and completely destroyed your heart rate strap – which will have a huge impact on your training.  I could see you were tired, frustrated and angry.  And yet, you have such self-control.  Not once did you completely lose it after your bad day, lack of sleep, loss of heart rate monitor strap, tummy ache or anything else.  In fact, the most you did was to throw the strap down in frustration and that was about it.  Even I – sensing the tension – poured myself a glass of wine.  But, not you – you exercised self-control and dealt with your frustrations in a very calm manner.  

For someone who sorely lacks self-control and who can fly off the proverbial handle in a frustrated huff, you are an awesome role model.  You have so much on your plate, so much financial pressure, so much business pressure, and yet you handle yourself so well.  I am so proud of you and so proud to learn from you.

Thank you for being calm to my anxiousness; for being self-control to my losing it – thank you for teaching me I can be more…

I love you!

The Baby Mama


2 thoughts on “Self-Control!

  1. When your husband has a hard day at the office or out in the field, help him to let go of that tension and frustration. Support him emotionally. Show him physical affection, too.


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