You feel so good!

Wednesdays are Love Letters to my Husband days…

There is reason, my darling, that I want to hug you and hold you all the time.  You feel so good, feel so amazing and smell wonderful.  I love the smell of you, and I love the feel of you.  And you are looking so good at the moment – slim, fit, toned and healthy.  I know that sometimes you don’t want to be so touchy-feely all the time.  I do understand that.  But, you don’t really just how good you feel and how good you smell.  I love just fitting into your hug, and nestling my head on your shoulder – I feel so safe, so welcome, so comforted.  Thank you for looking after who you are, for looking after your body and your health – so that I can enjoy my hugs with my husband.  Thank you.


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