Being Upbeat!

Wednesdays are Love Letters to my Husband days…

To my darling,

I love how you’re always upbeat about everything.  Oh, I can see that you worry about finances, and that you worry about providing for our family, and that the work pressures do sometimes get to you.  But, you never let it get you down to the point of being debilitating.  You allow yourself to feel down – but then you get over it and you move on.  You never, ever allow the pressures of life to get to the point that you run in panic, and fear and anxiety.  Although you do feel stress, you walk through it one step at a time, and you just keep on keeping on.  And before I know it, you’re back to your upbeat – dealing with life – way.  And I love that about you.

You have been such a pillar of strength of me, but more than that, you have been my teacher – showing me that there is a better way to react to life.  Teaching me all the while about how to not have fear, to be kind,  to be gentle.  All of this, I have just realised, isn’t a what or a how to live life – it’s an attitude towards life.

And yes, I think that is one of the most amazing things I love about you – you’re attitude towards life.  On Sunday, you went to mountain bike in an area you’ve never been – you had no fear, but still you went.  And what a blessing it was for you – you saw a kudu jump over your head; you saw zebra and giraffe, you saw warthog…  It that had been me, I would’ve stayed at home or insisted someone come with me.

I love your approach to life – you just get on and do it.  Thank you for teaching me – and for continuing to teach me (because I can be a little stubborn) – that there is a better way to approach life, than hiding in fear and never getting out there and actually living life.

I love you, Babe!


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