Faithful Fridays – Trustworthy!

Today, we’re looking at the “T” in Faithful.

Faithful is an acronym for:





Happy and Holy



Loving and Loyal.

Last time I posted, we chatted about how to not only keep yourself interesting, but to be interested in your husband.

Today, I want to chat about being Trustworthy.

Webster’s Dictionary defines trustworthy as: worthy of confidence.  The Learner’s Dictionary defines trustworthy as: able to be relied on to do or provide what is needed or right :deserving of trust.  Here’s the thing about trust: It’s not just the fact that you can be told something in confidence, for me, it’s also what you do with that, how you react, what you say…  There are many people who I wouldn’t trust – not that they would tell anyone what I would tell them – but that I wouldn’t trust their reactions.  I would feel belittled, embarrassed or ashamed, or they would possibly be angry, or reactive in some other negative way.  I want to know that whatever I tell my husband, will not only remain confidential, but that he will react in a way that will make me feel safe.  

And I am quite sure that he feels the same way for me.

Being trustworthy isn’t just about confidentiality – it’s also about how you react.  And more often than not, it is a fear that after I have told someone something, I won’t be loved or accepted.

So, I need to make sure that when my husband – my lover and my friend – tells me something, that not only do I keep it in confidence, but I also react in a way that he knows he is loved and accepted; that his story is safe with me.

And that is sometimes so hard to do.  But, think about it, we can confess our vilest sins to God, be angry, be jealous, be whiny about life to God – and what does He do?  He loves and accepts us no matter what.  Oh, He’ll work in us His wonders to perform, but the starting point is always acceptance, and love always walks the entire road with us.  Should we give our husbands anything less?

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