Faithful Fridays – being interestED…

Today, we’re looking at the “I” in Faithful.

Faithful is an acronym for:





Happy and Holy



Loving and Loyal.

Last week, we chatted about how to remain true to yourself and to the woman your husband fell in love with.  Today, I would like to continue on the “I” of Faithful – interesting.  It’s not enough to keep yourself interesting… you also have to be interested in your husband.  In Cherish, Gary Thomas suggests studying your spouse; knowing them, getting an idea of who they truly are, studying their reactions, their motivations, and getting to the point of truly understanding them.

In other words – be interested in your spouse: in who they are, in how their day went, in what interests them, why they react the way they do.

What are they scared of?

What do they want to accomplish in life?

How can you support them?


Because you cannot love what you don’t know!  And you cannot cherish or be faithful to what you don’t understand.  It’s in the knowing and understanding, and then choosing to love anyway, that we truly begin to honour God.

And quite simply it will make your spouse feel valued and cherished.

And it will create the ripple effect:

And remember, that sometimes a soul shift takes place by taking that first step – like a small drop hitting water, there is a ripple effect that will start small, and grow to touch every other area of your life.  You may not feel it, but at least start to think it, and then start to believe it – that is the step in the right direction.  Reference here.

Just small – one step at a time – you can only control you – so see what you can do.  One small step by showing interest in your spouse.  Create that riffle effect…

But, I think, the most important reason is: you get the opportunity of reflecting just a small touch of God’s love for your spouse through your interest in them.  And that has got to be the most important reason of all…

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