My word for the year – 2017

When I started doing a Word for the Year a couple of years ago, my first word was “abundance” and I had to learn that living an abundant life has nothing to do with your financial or disposable income, but more your attitude towards life.  That was 2014.  This is still a lesson that I am learning – being grateful and living in abundance despite battling financially.  Abundance remembers that God is our great provider no matter what our earthly eyes tell us.

Then, in 2015, my word for the year was “trust“.  Also something that I am constantly learning each and every day: to trust God, my husband and even myself.  It’s not easy when you’re a complete control freak and constantly living in fear, but sometimes you need to surrender and just trust in God that in the end, all will be okay.  You eventually get to the stage that you trust God despite the fact that you feel fear – you know and trust that God is just so much bigger than your biggest insecurity.

Then last year, my word for the year was “intimacy“.  And each week we studied and looked at a different aspect of intimacy – intimacy with God and intimacy with our spouses.  It is hard to be intimate (emotionally, spiritually and physically) when life keeps getting in the way, but that’s the point: you plan to be intimate with your spouse anyway.  You’re building a marriage, and that takes time and patience – even when life does sometimes get in the way.

Just before Christmas, I started reading the most delightful, yet most challenging book I have ever read: What’s It Like to be Married to me?  By Linda Dillow.  In this book, Linda Dillow encourages wives to come up with a prayer or a poem or an acronym that will encourage them each day on their walks to becoming wives that honour God.  I have to be honest, I didn’t want to do this.  I have so much on my plate, and so many things to think about that I just didn’t feel like it.  But, that night, I dreamed of what my word should be:  FAITHFUL.  I’m like, “really”????  But, yes, this is my word for the year – this is the kind of wife I want to be.

What Is Faithfulness?


  1. English word origin: Latin fides < assumed Indo-European bheidh- (to trust, have faith in, abide in).
  2. Definition: The quality of being faithful.  The word-form ‘faithful‘ means loyal, full of faith or trust; firmly and resolutely staying with a person, group, cause, belief, or idea, without waver, despite the circumstances.  ‘Faithful’ is said to be much more often used about dogs than people.
  3. word-field: true, constant, loyal, steadfast, devoted, staunch, and trusty.  Similar to ‘faithfulness’: fidelity, loyalty.  A key verbal phrase: “being true to (something/someone)”.  It connects faithlessness with being a lie.
  4. The Greek word found in Galatians 5:22 is pistis, which at its root is about holding fast or steady.  ‘Pistis’ is considered one of God’s strongest personal characteristics.  God is a covenant-maker, who is faithful to the Divine part of the covenant even when we don’t stick to ours.

This is the kind of wife I want to be:

F – Faithful.  To God and to my husband, in word and thought and deed.

A – Accepting of who my husband is and who God created him to be.

I – Interesting that I keep myself interesting to my husband and I don’t allow myself to get caught in such a rut that I become boring and my husband loses interest.

T – Trustworthy and Trusting.  That I can trust God and my husband, but that I am also trustworthy; that my husband can trust me with his heart and his mind and his soul.

H – Happy and Holy.  No body wants to be married to someone who is miserable, but also that I can live my life according to God’s standards and not the worlds.

F – Fearless.  A big one for me – that anxiety and fear will not hold be back from living a life that honours God and my husband.

U – Understanding; that I can be the kind of wife who understand what my husband is about, and understand who he is and understand his circumstances and his needs.

L – Loving and Loyal.  I want to be the kind of wife who loves my husband deeply, but who also is loving and affectionate, but I also want to be loyal.  I never want to be betray my husband in any way (not even in my thoughts).

So, I want to learn to be a faithful wife this year – in all the aspects that being faithful to my husband encompasses.  So, over the next while we will be taking a deeper look at each of these different aspects of being faithful.

The Baby Mama


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