Intimacy – His Precious Marbles

I have just finished reading the most lovely book called The Marble Collector by Cecelia Ahern.  It is such a lovely story and such a lovely read.  Basically, in a nut shell:

When Sabrina Boggs stumbles upon a mysterious collection of her father’s possessions, she discovers a truth where she never knew there was a lie.  The familiar man she grew up with is suddenly a stranger to her.  An unexpected break in her monotonous daily routine leaves her just one day to unlock the secrets of the man she thought she knew.  A day that unearths memories, stories and people she never knew existed.  A day that changes her and those around her forever.  Goodreads

There is a part of the story, without giving too much away, that really speaks of what intimacy is about:   Sabrina’s dad collects marbles.  It is the most precious thing in his life – so precious in fact that he hides it from everyone.  He is ashamed that a grown man can be so drawn to marbles that he can’t tell anyone about his prized possession.  While on his honeymoon, he goes to a glass shop and sees a prized marble and spends his meagre earnings on this one beautiful marble for his new bride.  He goes back to the hotel suite to give this precious gift to his bride and what does she do?  She lambasts him for wasting money they don’t have on something so stupid and insignificant and totally rejects his gift.

Except it wasn’t just a marble to him.

This man – this character in this book – was giving his bride something that was more precious to him than even his life.

And she rejected it.

Years later, he meets someone who he can share his passion with (clearly his wife and him are divorced at this point), but the damage was done.

That story, that part of the book, has become my prayer.

Lord, please let me be worthy of looking after and accepting whatever marbles my husband brings to me; his heart, his interests, his soul.  Let me treasure what he treasures and look after what he looks after.  May I be worthy of what he reveals to me, and protect what he finds so precious in his life.  May he feel safe to share his life with me.  Help me to protect and heal his whatever wounds life has bestowed on him.

And this is what I have realized true intimacy is: when we get to that point that we can truly share who we are – to the very core of our being, and those things that we find so precious and so dear in this life, knowing that it will be safe with the person we are sharing it with; it will be understood and accepted – then we are experiencing true intimacy.  And they, in turn, can share with us their precious things knowing it will be safe.

Look after your spouses marbles – know that for them it is a rare treasure.  And if you don’t know what their marbles are, now is the time to find out and prove yourself worthy of the prized treasure.

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