Intimacy – Cleaving

Matthew 19:5 KJV:  And said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh?

I love the word “cleave” in this instance.  It really does give an onomatopoeic impression of holding on, and never letting go.  Although the verse doesn’t mention a wife cleaving back, it’s pretty hard to not cleave back when someone is holding onto you for dear life.

And isn’t that what marriage is?

A holding onto, a “I’m never letting you go” attitude to marriage.  Not in a creepy “I’m stalking you” kind of way, or like Isla Fisher’s character in Wedding Crashers where Jeremy is desperately trying to get away from Gloria, but she’s, “I will find you” in a really creepy (and hysterically funny) kinda way.


No – this cleaving is a determination, a strength, a submission to God that no matter what happens, through the good times and through the bad, through sickness and in health – I WILL HOLD ONTO YOU.  I will not let you go.  

  • For better, I WILL HOLD ONTO YOU.
  • For worse, I WILL HOLD ONTO YOU.
  • For richer, I WILL HOLD ONTO YOU.
  • For poorer, I WILL HOLD ONTO YOU.
  • In sickness, I WILL HOLD ONTO YOU.
  • In health, I WILL HOLD ONTO YOU.
  • In loneliness, I WILL HOLD ONTO YOU.
  • In friendship, I WILL HOLD ONTO YOU.
  • In love, I WILL HOLD ONTO YOU.
  • In sadness, I WILL HOLD ONTO YOU.
  • In life, I WILL HOLD ONTO YOU.
  • In death, I WILL HOLD ONTO YOU.

And we’re not talking a casual hug, or connectedness.  We’re talking cleaving.  The Mirriam-Webster’s dictionary defines cleaving as:

To adhere firmly and closely or loyally and unwaveringly.  Reference here.





Now if my hubby is at work am I to duct tape myself to him and spend the entire day next to him, “as one” or vice versa?  NO!  What this means is we are to be of the same spirit and mind with each other in the Lord, praying and understanding His expectations and each other’s.  We are to hang on to one another through communication, trust and planning.  Confident that we are both in agreement when faced with life’s choices in decision making.  Trusting in each other when faced with temptation, and not being afraid to speak of those temptations to each other so we can over come them together in HIS grace and love.  Both of us knowing full well that sometimes the outcome will be as we prayed and hoped for and other times it will not.  We are to without a doubt believe that we will survive together intact as one no matter what we are faced with because God is our center.  Unveiled Wife

I pray for the strength to cleave to my husband will all my heart, mind, strength and soul.  It’s a tenacity to never give up that I pray for – for him and for myself; that somehow God will guide us through this journey called life that when we both reach the end of it, we’re still cleaving to each other.

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