Defining ourselves, intimately

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Pop singer Britney Spears gained her second U....


Yesterday, we spoke about defining ourselves in terms of nationality, culture and religion.  Today, I’d like to take the concept of defining ourselves a little more intimately.  We all have definitions of ourselves – or ways we perceive ourselves to be.  Some are accurate – I am short (there isn’t a lot of leeway here – you’re either tall or short or of middle height).  Some not so accurate – I am stupid (I don’t believe in stupid people, but not everyone can grasp every concept perfectly, we’re all different).  And for us lady folk, the most used way of defining ourselves is in terms of body image

And yes, the media is largely responsible for that.  Everyday we see gorgeous models and actresses, with absolutely perfect bodies, flaunting what they have to get where they want to be.  And the blog, Fooditude explains it so perfectly. …

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