Intimacy – that one word

I read a lot of blogs.  I am a reader and if I am battling with something, the best option of my finding a solution to whatever is my concern is to read.  And read I do.  And the best way for me to express what I am going through is to blog – or to journal.  I have been keeping a journal ever since I can remember.  It helps me to express what is going on inside of me.  Most blogs that I have come across are written by women, and I love that women have a voice out there to help so many others through their own experiences.

However, every now and then you come across a blog by a man.  And I love what men have to say because men do view life through a different lens.  And I love what men have to contribute to marriage and intimacy.

Two of my favourite blogs on marriage and intimacy written by men are:

I would highly recommend you hop over to their blogs to read what they have to say.

Kevin Thompson said something about marriage and intimacy the other day that I really liked.  He spoke about that one word that really changes your marriage.  And that word: intention.

At first glance I thought he would mention love, or sex, or intimacy, but intention makes sense.  Because without intention, the love may fade, the sex may become non-existent, the intimacy may wane, but with intention you have the drive to work on all those aspects of marriage and intimacy.

As important as these words are to a marriage, they are secondary compared to the key word of intention.  When a couple acts with intention in building the relationship, they are very likely to experience success.  When two people act without any sense of purpose or intention, their chances of failure dramatically rise.  Kevin Thompson

Intention says that I will love you even when I don’t feel like it.

Intention says that I will focus on intimacy with you even when I’d rather be on my own.

Intention says that I will communicate with you and risk exposing myself to you even when I want to build walls and protect myself.

Intention says that I will look out for your best interest even when I feel like being selfish and I just want to have my own way.

Intention says that my marriage and you are important, so I will do whatever it is that I can do to make things work.  Not everything that I try will work, but I have a better chance of success if I am at least trying something.

Many words could be used to characterize a healthy marriage.  Yet intention is the word which makes all the other words happen.  Love is nourished as we are intentional about spending time with one another and daily choosing to place the other above ourselves.  Compromise happens as we intentionally place long-term goals above short-term objectives.  Commitment is forged as we choose with intention where our loyalties will lay.  A relaxed feel can permeate a relationship when we know we both are intentional about our desires and pursuits.  Kevin Thompson

Be intentional about your life, your marriage, your faith – you will make mistakes, we all do, but your chances of success are highly increased when you make that effort.

Thank you Kevin Thompson for your wise words.


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