Intimacy – that one move!

About two weeks ago, we spoke about time and how important it is to spend time with your spouse.  But, let’s be honest – time is important, but it can be very hard to get to that point of spending time with your spouse when there is a wall between you.  But, if you want a happy and successful marriage, then breaking down walls and spending time with your spouse – just living life – is exactly what you must do.

Just this past week, I read a post that I have already shared on this site that I think is so profound and yet so simple, I feel I need to share it again.

Take that step.  I love it, because there have been so many times I have stepped away from my husband – whether it be from fear, anxiety, stress, or whatever, I step away.  Or hide myself away.  Now, to mentally take that step and move towards your husband is the complete opposite to what I have been doing all these years.  It is something that makes complete sense to me.

However, it is quite hard to do.  Being angry, tired, fearful are all reasons you automatically step away – you step away without even thinking about it.  But, to make that conscious decision to move towards – I think is one of the most beneficial pieces of advise I have ever read on marriage.

Move towards – towards your husband, towards love, towards peace, towards grace.  And even when you feel like you’re making no progress, just keep moving.

Just one step is one step closer…

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