Sixteen Year Wedding Anniversary

To my darling, husband

For sixteen years together.  I love you.

  1. Your beautiful eyes and smile.  Yes, after 18 years together, of which we have been married for 16, I still just like to look at you.

  1. For feeling so good – I hug my husband often, because you always feels and smells so good.  And I feel safe in your arms.
  2. For always wanting what’s best for me.  For wanting me to soar and to reach my full potential – even when I am hiding in fear.
  3. For cooking supper every night – and it’s always delicious, wholesome and healthy.
  4. For always being willing to help out with Baby Girl – even when you think I do it so much better.
  5. For worrying about my weight and wanting me to be healthy and fit.  I am working on this.  Renewing one’s mind is not an easy or a quick process.
  6. For making an honest living and keeping us floating financially – even when it has been extremely hard and difficult to do at times.
  7. For seeing to all those little things that I just never get the time to – getting electricity, putting petrol in my car, making sure we have veg for supper, etc.  And I know sometimes you feel like you are being pulled in a thousand different directions, but still you get it all done.  Thank you.
  8. For loving me.
  9. For always wanting to go out there and do things – see things – experience things and wanting to take me with you.
  10. For always wanting to make us work.  For that, thank you for ever and for always.  Thank you.
  11. Thank you for always trying to get me to be on time for work.  Sure I’d be running a lot later if you didn’t egg me on a little.
  12. Thank you for loving us the way you do – both Baby Girl and myself.  We are truly blessed.
  13. Thank you for walking this marriage walk for me – some seasons are easy, some are hard, some we battle, but we’re always on the same side, fighting for each other.
  14. For still being here!
  15. For talking to me!  And engaging me.

I love you!


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