Gratitude – 26th January 2016

Baby Mama's Blog

As you know, I have been focusing quite strongly on nurturing a grateful heart.  And today, instead of listing five things that I am grateful for, I want to share this reading I received via email from Bible Gateway:

An Attitude of Gratitude

A grateful heart sees each day as a gift.  Thankful people focus less on what they lack and more on the privileges they have.  I attended a banquet recently in which a wounded soldier was presented with the gift of a free house.  He nearly fell over with gratitude.  He bounded onto the stage with his one good leg and threw both arms around the presenter.  “Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!”  He hugged the guitar player in the band and the big woman on the front row.  He thanked the waiter, the other soldiers, and then the presenter again.  Before the night was over, he thanked…

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