Thinking like a skinny chick!

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If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you will know what I battle with my weight.  Before I fell pregnant, my issue was that I thoughtI was too skinny.  Now, and my daughter has already turned six, I’m the fatone.  I’m the one who eats huge portions, and cannot get through a morning without having second breakfast, early lunch and another mid-afternoon snack, before demanding an early supper – because I’m so hungry, it feels like I will pass out.

I am still not used to being the fat one.  I know cognitively that I am overweight, but instinctively, I keep thinking I am skinny.  I have this drive to eat and eat and eat that I did not have before I falling pregnant.  And not eating brings with it huge amounts of anxiety that I am just not enjoying.

I am tired of being the…

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