Seven Unexpected Scriptures to Improve Marriage – Kevin A Thompson (Seven)

7. “If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small.” (Proverbs 24.10)

Marriages fail every day.  Without judging any marriage that dissolves, I want a different outcome.  I want Jenny and I to build our relationship in such a way that no outside force can negatively influence it.  While every day matters, there are some days more meaningful than others.  When the times are tough, I want us to lean on one another and prove our love to be true.  Kevin A. Thompson

Marriages do fail every day.

It is sad, so sad, to see a family torn apart – for whatever the reasons may be.  Just this morning, Baby Girl asked me when her dad and I are getting divorced.  I was shocked – but obviously there is a child in her school that’s getting divorced, or there is talk at school.  It breaks my heart that children so young are exposed to divorce – either directly (through immediate family – mom, dad, uncle, aunts, grannies, grandpas) or indirectly (through friends or extended family).  Could I give Baby Girl a guarantee?  No – no one can.  Hubby could decide this day he has had enough and wants to walk away.  That is something beyond my control.  But, what I did say to her – is that her dad and I would do our very best, and do all the work necessary, to make sure that we don’t walk that path.  We can only do it day-by-day, and make sure that every day we make the right decisions and try love each other in the right way as much as what we can.

I come from a broken home.

After 30 years of marriage, my mom finally did what she had been threatening all those years – she walked away.

I know that Baby Girl is too young to understand – and I don’t think she even knows what she was really asking, but I immediately rejected that thought through prayer.  Through God’s grace, and His strength, and His working in my heart and in my husband’s heart, we will make it.  Divorce isn’t just an event that explodes up in your face one day – it’s a slow, culmination of a series of events, fights, words, and withdrawing from your marriage.  Its a path taken, by either one or both parties, that will one day lead to divorce.  My mother wanted out from the marriage even before she got married.  And one day, her desire was fulfilled.  It was also the biggest mistake of her life.  So, my commitment is firstly to God, then to my husband and then to my daughter – I will do the work necessary to make sure that we work.  It’s the only commitment I can give, but I do know that God will honour my heart when I allow Him to take full control.

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