Seven Unexpected Scriptures to Improve Marriage – Kevin A Thompson (One)

1.  “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 5.3)

A healthy marriage starts with humility.  As long as two people understand they do not know everything, they can learn anything.  However, when pride enters the marriage relationship, it begins to divide the couple.  By recognizing our inability, we are far more likely to create a climate for love to grow.

I have realised that I have no ability to make my marriage work – it is only by God’s grace.  I am selfish, anxious, and completely fallen.  But, I can approach my husband and ask his forgiveness in all the areas I fall short daily.  And I can come to God – at any time – to ask His forgiveness, to ask Him to cleanse my heart, and to help me to grow and change.

I would not grow as an individual if I was filled with pride – pride would prevent me from approaching my husband when I needed to.  Pride would stop me from asking him to forgive me.  Pride would stop me from risking myself in my marriage – pride would say it’s okay, he should approach me.

Pride kills.

You can gain so much from humility.

The trick is to stay humble once you get what you want – forgiveness, a second chance, a change.

Then you should be even more humble, because you have received what was needed, what you needed, it is easy then to become arrogant.  But, that is probably when you need more humility – this God, who gave His son, who created the world, as honoured your request for growth and forgiveness, He has seen you and He has loved you.

This man, to whom you are married, as forgiven you and heard you, has agreed to move forward with you.

It is indeed an honour and a humbling experience to be seen and forgiven, and to be loved.

And it only through God’s grace and love and guidance that we ever have any hope of true growth and intimacy in marriage.


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