Gratitude – Day 21

My hubby had an awful day at work yesterday.  When he got home last night, I could see he was tired, and drained, and just wanted (needed?) a time out.  And yet, he still helped finish supper (I had started when I got home from work), and washed the dishes and cleaned up.  Really?  How awesome is that?  So, today, I am very grateful for:

  1. My hubby who is working so hard for very little financial reward – at this stage.  I am convinced and believe that the blessings for all his hard work are still coming.
  2. My hubby who takes care of all bugs and spiders in the house – if there is a big spider, he catches it and releases it in the yard somewhere.  Somewhere far, far away from me.
  3. My home – I was looking last night at the painting that needs to be redone, the water damage that needs to be fixes, the curtains that are skew and needs to mended, the toilet that is broken and the lack of funds we have to do any of this.  But, it is our home, and it is warm and safe during these cold winter months.
  4. My Daughter – who has taught me so much about myself, who laughs and who is kind and loving and has such a wicked sense of humour.  She constantly entertains her dad and I.  In fact, her prayer the other night was, “Dear Lord, thank you for those peeling things so that we don’t have to peel potatoes and apples with our finger nails.”  Now, I dare you to keep a straight face with that kind of prayer.  She has brought love and laughter and light into our lives.
  5. For my family – there are highs and lows, and tough times, and happy times, but as a unit, we work!  Love them to the moon and back.

Thank God for seeing me.  For truly seeing me.  And still loving me.  No matter what difficulties we are facing, or financial lack we have, God sees me.  And He knows.  And He is working everything out for our good.  And we can trust in Him.


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