Gratitude – Day 20

There is so much to be grateful for.  I sometimes feel overwhelmed that I have so much to be thankful for.  I know that we’re battling financially and we’re only on the 04th of the month and I have no money left for the month.  Any milk or bread or food items that I buy now will have to be done on credit card.  Yes, seriously!  But,

  1. I have a roof over my head each night – and I have a husband who is working so hard to keep that as a reality in our lives.
  2. I can drive my car to work – and I have a husband who can put the petrol costs through his business (otherwise I may have to catch the bus).
  3. Baby Girl goes to a good school and thus far we have managed to afford the fees.
  4. Hubby cooks the most delicious meals every night – even just chicken livers on toast is delicious when my husband cooks it.
  5. I have a warm body to cuddle up to – each and every night.  And I love that body and love having my husband in my bed with me.

Forgive me any time I feel the need to complain or be negative – help to always focus on the very many blessings that I have.

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