Gratitude – Day 19

Wow.  What an awesome weekend.  The weather was amazing – time was well spent hanging out with hubby and Baby Girl, met up with some friends, did some shopping (actually just returned a hairdryer that wasn’t quite what I was looking for)…  But the whole weekend was amazing.  So, today, I am grateful for:

  1. Love.  Lots of love in my life – from my husband, my daughter, my parents, my family and friends.  How amazing is it to have so much love?  It’s pretty awesome.  Thank you Lord for opening my eyes to see this truth.
  2. For the most amazing weather – it allowed hubby and I and Baby Girl to spend some lovely time outdoors after a really cold winter spell.  It was amazing and it was relaxing.
  3. For my gorgeous husband – he is amazing.  And he loves me.  God knows us and while God certainly won’t tell us who to marry, He does know us well enough to bring the right people into our lives.  And my husband is a gift – a gift from God.
  4. For our house – it is our home.  And we have so many fond memories: of building our house, of setting it up, of putting the plans together, of getting our dog, then our baby, now a kitty…  We may not have it styled or designed quite the way we can imagine it could look – and we don’t have the money to do the maintenance that we need to do, but it is our home.  And I love it.
  5. And for our home – the home that isn’t defined by four brick walls, but the home that is the comfort that hubby and I and Baby Girl feel with each other, the home that exists between the three of us as a family.

Thank you, Lord, for my many blessings – I am unworthy of all that you have done for me – and continue to do for me.

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