Gratitude – Day 18

Wow, this has been one seriously cold winter.  I know that it can’t compare to the snowy winters of our Northern Hemisphere neighbours, but for us, it is cold.  We very seldom get to 0 degrees, but we are getting there.  And the wind and the rain…. oh my…

So, today, I am grateful for:

  1. My husband – who has worked so hard and who IS WORKING so hard to keep a roof over our heads.  The circumstances are not the best – we’ve both been retrenched, and are battling huge financial debts, but still my husband goes out each and every day to work and keep what funds we have due to us, coming in.
  2. My Baby Girl – hubby was in Cape Town on business the last couple of days and Baby Girl slept in the bed with me.  It was so lovely to cuddle with her and to love her and to talk late into the night.  She really is so precious.
  3. My home – our family home – that has kept us warm and dry in this cold and wet season.
  4. For the provision of food – I am so grateful for my husband’s cooking.  I’ve had to cook the last couple of days and I’m really just not that good at it.  He is like my own at home Master Chef.  I love it!
  5. For my family – God knew just who to bring into my life that would help my grow and to become holy, and to live and to experience an abundant life.  May I ever be worthy of the blessings God has bestowed upon me.

Thank you, Jesus!  My family and my husband are more precious than silver or gold, because they are your gifts to me and because they belong to you – they are your precious children.  Help me, Holy Spirit, to never forget that!


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