A verse a day – for 40 days (Day 14)

Generosity – “A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.”  Prov. 11:25

Dear Lord,

Grow and nurture in us hearts of generosity and kindness.  We live in a cruel, dark world and any acts of kindness and generosity that we can pass on, will not only lighten up our own lives, but the lives of the people we touch with our generosity.

Lord, help us to realise it doesn’t have to be financial – we can generous with our time, our resources, have a listening ear.  We can be generous in how we treat people by showing them love and respect.

We can be generous by allowing others to express their opinions without always shooting them down.

There are many, many ways to be generous, but most importantly, Lord, help us to be generous with our spouses.  Help both my husband and I to sow seeds of generosity and kindness into our marriage and into each other’s lives – so that we can know your love for us.

In Jesus Name,




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