Gratitude – Day 14

Today, I am profoundly grateful that God sees me.  He truly sees me.  And He loves me.  Most holy of loves – He has saved me.

  1. I am grateful for God’s love.
  2. I am grateful for my husband’s love.
  3. I am grateful for my daughter’s love.
  4. I am grateful that even on my worst days, I am still loved.
  5. God loves me.  He truly loves me – and He loves you too!  With the same intensity and genuineness, God simply loves us.

Oh awesome is it that this little girl from Port Elizabeth gets to have so much love in her life?  Do you know that you have so much love!  God loves you!  Think about that for a minute – no matter what you’ve done, or thought, or felt, or how far gone you think you may be, or how lost you feel – you are just loved.  Walk back to the light, walk back to God.  He died to embrace you and to welcome you home.

God is love.


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