Gratitude – Day 13

I am feeling so emotional this morning – the wheels completely came off and Baby Girl and I had a horrid time getting ready for school and for work.  The poor child went to school in tears, and I was in tears driving to work.

Then, I get to work and I receive this email:

Thought you would like to know that your friend had a stroke on Tuesday pm (clot from pregnancy).  She was declared brain-dead on Wed and yesterday pm the Dr switched off the machines.  Very heart sore.  She leaves behind a husband, son and daughter of 4 weeks old.

Did you read that?  She leaves behind a four week old baby girl.  And I thought of Baby Girl this morning, and what an awful start we had to the day, and I felt so ashamed.  So, completely ashamed.

And so, today, I am grateful for:

  1. The privilege of being part of Baby Girl’s life, of seeing her grow up, of sharing her joys, and her lows, her sense of humour, her laughter, her cuddles.  I am so blessed.
  2. For realizing that the small things don’t matter – that I can choose my battles, and I can go home today and love Baby Girl and tell her how much I adore her and make amends.
  3. For Baby Girl’s complete unconditional love for me.  I know that she loves me – no matter what.  I am so blessed that this little girl values me so much, that she can love me so unconditionally.  I pray that I will always be worthy of her love.
  4. For my husband – a steady, calming influence when I am having a bad day.  And after seeing all of who I am, for 17 years, he is still here.
  5. For my family – through the ups and downs, through sickness and health, through poverty and riches, we are still together and our little family unit works.



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