A verse a day – for 40 days (Day 12)

Dear Lord,

I pray for friendship.  Friendship to bind the bad times, to hold us together until the good times.  Friendship to understand each other, love each other, know each other.  Friendship to really get each other.  Friendship to laugh with each other, to talk to each other, friendship to do things with each other.

Being friends is so important, Lord, and I pray that you would guide us into being close and truly intimate friends with each other – where we can bare our souls, and be safe and trust each other.

I pray that you will give me the grace, the heart, the will and the work to truly be my husband’s friend – that he can say, “My wife is my best friend.  She gets me.  She understands me.  She is always there for me.  Her value is far above rubies…”.  Help me, dear Lord, to be that person, that person that will make you as God of my life proud, because she honors and respects her husband through friendship.

Dear Lord, thank you for delighting in my marriage – even more than what I could ever think of delighting in my marriage.  Give me the grace and the desire and the opportunity to love my husband well – so that he can know and understand and see YOUR love in his life.

Help me Holy Spirit!

In Jesus Name.




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