A verse a day – for 40 days (Day 11)

Dear Lord,

Forgiveness is what allows us to come to you – knowing that we are forgiven and loved and cherished by you.  Forgiveness is what has cleansed us, washed away all the dirt in our lives, and is making us new each and every day.  Lord, help us to forgive ourselves – that harsh word spoken, that flare up of anger, that moment of not being truly loving, that lack of kindness – help us to forgive ourselves and then to move onto being the people you have called us to be.

Also, dear Lord, help us to forgive each other.  We are fallen people, living in a fallen world, with sin and imperfections, and help us to not hold grudges, or bear ill towards one another, but to lift each other up on love and to forgive whatever transgressions have been made against us.  Help us to love instead of to hurt, to forgive instead of being bitter…

Help us Lord to live as you have called us to live.  Whatever my husband has done to me that I feel I have been wronged, whether in my awareness or not, I forgive him.  I choose to forgive him Lord so that I am free to love him.  And I pray that in whatever way I have wronged my husband, even if I’m not aware of it, I pray that he will forgive me.  So that he is free to love me.

We cannot love each other – truly love each other – if we haven’t forgiven each other.  I pray your forgiveness of us, but also our forgiveness of each other.

Thank you, Lord, for making is possible.

In Jesus name.




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