How to Turn an Okay Marriage Into a Great One

Very insightful! Thank you!

Speaking of Marriage

Image 7-12-15 at 1.49 PM (1)How many people do you know who would wholeheartedly say that their marriage is great?

How many would say that they’re happier now than when they first got together, that their marriage is one of the most satisfying parts of their life?

Five? Ten? None?

It’s not all that hard to have an okay marriage. If you look around, many people’s marriages are just okay. They plod along, putting in little or no effort, feeling disgruntled or disappointed or just uninspired, wishing there was something more satisfying to be had.

Wondering if okay is as good as it gets.

I’ve heard couples say they’ve tried “everything,” when what they’ve done is simply complain a whole lot about the things that are wrong. Some say marriage is just too much work. Others admit that they’ve stopped trying at all.

It’s true, marriage takes effort. But not chain-gang-in-the-blazing-sun kind of effort. Just…

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