Ultimate Marriage Reading Challenge of 2015 – May

When I saw the book of the month for May was To Love, Honor and Vacuum, I honestly didn’t think it applied to me. I mean, I work outside the home and I have a husband who cooks and washes the dishes every night and always helps out when and where he can. Yes, I have been so blessed. But, I made a commitment this year to read at least one book a month that will benefit me and my marriage and so I took up the challenge to read the book.

And it is amazing.
Not only does it give insightful advice on how to manage your home – whether you’re a working mom and a stay-at-home mom, but it challenges you. I love the fact that Sheila never once made me feel guilty for working outside the home. And I think many (if not all) working moms feel guilty. Yesterday, Baby Girl had a fall at school and hubby had to rush to the school to fetch her and take her to the doctor. I felt sick to my stomach that I couldn’t be there for her, but I was very grateful that my hubby could be. But the guilt – oh, the guilt! She is fine and the doctor checked her over carefully to make sure there is no concussion or anything like that.