The Ultimate Garage Cleaner’s Guide to Marriage Repair

Speaking of Marriage

A few years ago a client gave me a refrigerator magnet that reads:


Yep. I agree.

Especially when one of the chores involves the word garage. That’s how our garage ended up looking like a scene from the reality show where they bring in five guys in hazmat suits while a team of kind social workers comforts the hoarder.

No, neither my husband nor I have trouble with hoarding. What we did have was a troublesome habit of tossing all manner of stuff into the garage, thinking we’d deal with it “later.” Which is a very bad idea when, year after year, you’d rather be writing, or hiking, or… well, doing pretty much anything but tackling our neglected mess that grew worse by the day.

Brave and determined, and tired of the mess, we put a date on the calendar, written in ink.

“I’ve got a plan,” I announced on…

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