On Guard For Good

The Romantic Vineyard

Graphic Credit: www.singsnap.com Graphic Credit: http://www.singsnap.com

We recently went to see the movie Unbroken, and unfortunately got there in time to see the previews of upcoming films. We were shocked to see the trailer to the movie, 50 Shades of Grey, rated R, which is set to release on Valentine’s Day, being previewed in a film that is rated PG-13. I am one who is affected visually, so I have to guard strongly the things I let myself see. Needless to say, I closed my eyes through most of the trailer. What is appalling to me is the fact that 13 year old children can legally see this preview and be drawn into the web of sensuality and BDSM by their own curiosity. In much the same way young boys and girls are drawn into pornography via the internet. Not to mention the adverse effect this movie could have on struggling marriages.

This brings…

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