30-Day Prayer Challenge Day 26:

Father God, 1 Thessalonians is such a wonderful book!  As I read about the early Christians in the city of Thessalonica, I am moved to pray that my husband would have a similar faith as those believers.  Lord, I know that You have chosen my husband and I pray that he would also be confident of this truth (1:4).  May he welcome the message of Jesus Christ into his life with great joy and become an imitator of You – even if he (or his reputation) suffers because of it (1:6).  Use my husband, Lord, to be a model to all believers (1:7); give him the resolve to turn away from any idols in his life in order to fully serve You, the living and true God (1:9).  Your Word is powerful and I pray that my husband would embrace it as something that does not come from man.  Allow it to be at work in his life – changing him from the inside out (2:13).  Help my husband to realize that to truly live is to stand firm in You (3:8).  What delight comes from being in Your presence…. may my husband experience that joy on a daily basis as he carves out time to be in Your Word (3:9).  Lord, I pray that You would increase my husband’s love for You, for me, for our family, and for everyone else until it is overflowing (3:12).  Strengthen his heart so that he will be blameless and holy in Your presence (3:13).  In the name of Jesus I ask all of these things.  Amen.

Darby Dugger


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