30-Day Prayer Challenge Day 23:

“Three things men will always struggle with: pride, lust, and apathy.  Be on guard against apathy.  Reject it.”  (quote taken from my husband’s spiritual journal.) 

Precious Lord, when a man is apathetic in his relationship with You and with his family, he is prone to make poor choices.  Help my husband not to be (or ever become) lukewarm or lacking in zeal, but rather may he possess spiritual fervor as he serves You (Revelation 3:16 & Romans 12:11).  For our marriage, I pray against him ever becoming apathetic to our life together or the vows we spoke to each other.  I ask that You would help him always to delight in me, his wife (Proverbs 5:18) and keep our love and commitment strong.  Father, a man who resists being apathetic will naturally fight against his flesh in order to avoid lust, pride, or any other sin that is a struggle for him.  I desire for my husband to be that man, but I ask for Your Spirit and conviction to motivate and move him.  It is in the name of Jesus I pray.  Amen.

Darby Dugger


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