30-Day Prayer Challenge – Day 3:

Lord, I pray that You would lead my husband into a deeper understanding of who You are.  Teach him about Your power and might so that he would know that Your name is the LORD (Jeremiah 16:21).  May my husband experience first hand that among all the gods in the world, there is none like You; no deeds can compare with You (Psalm 86:8).  I pray that he would never turn to anything in this world for fulfillment.  Rather, I pray his enjoyment, motivation, confidence, security, and trust will all come from You alone.  Grant him the wisdom to understand that wine will betray him, arrogance will bring him no rest, and greed will never satisfy (Habakkuk 2:5).  In the name of Jesus, I ask that my husband would never become an enemy of You by having a friendship with this world (James 4:4).  Instead, enable him to be a servant of Christ Jesus, called and set apart for the Gospel of God just as Paul was (Romans 1:1).  Amen.



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